We can process, bag, store and treat your conventional soybeans and wheat that you save for your own use. Call for more information.

Double Mix (For hogs)

13% Protein, 5% Fat, 7% Fiber

Ground Corn, Distillers Grain

  • Whole Cleaned Corn

  • Corn Chops

  • Ground Corn

Horse Feed

16% protein, 4% Fat, 15% Fiber

Corn Gluten Pellets, Corn Chops, Soyhull Pellets, Oats, Dried Molasses 

Feed Products

Walnut Hulling

We are now your local walnut hulling station for Hammons Products!

We have a walnut huller set up at our Dudley office where we can hull all the local walnuts that people bring us. We will pay .15 cents per pound after hulling. If you bring us walnuts, please be sure that they are free of rocks as that will tear up our machine. The season usually runs from the first of October to about mid November. If you have any questions please call the office at 573-624-6666

We are your local Merschman Seed Dealer. Merschman offers a great variety of RoundUp and Liberty Link Soybean seeds. They also have a wide selection of conventional and hybrid corn varieties. 

Merschman also offers wheat, alfalfa and cover crops. Click the link below to read more on all the varieties of seed Merschman has to offer!

Seed Products and Services

Soyhull Pellets

9% Protein

Hen Scratch

8% Protein, 2.5% Fat, 5% Fiber

Corn Chops, Milo, Wheat

Econo Mix

13% Protein, 13% Fiber, 3% Fat

Soyhull Pellets, Corn Chops, Corn Gluten Pellets

Other Products

We have a great selection of wheat for the 2017 planting season. Click on the button below for a list and a brief description of the wheat we offer. Please call for prices and current availability.

Corn Gluten Pellets

18% Protein

Third Mix

13% Protein, 20% Fiber, 3% Fat

Soyhull Pellets, Corn Chops, Distillers Grain

Wheat Straw Bales

Every year we bale small square bales and large round bales of straw that comes from locally grown wheat. We sell it by individual bales or you can get a trailer load. Please call for price and availability.

Dog Food

26% Protein

*50lb. Bags only*

Commodity Mix

12% Protein, 20% Fiber, 2.5% Fat

Corn Chops, Distillers Grain, Soyhull Pellets

Lay Mash

13% Protein, 5% Fat, 7% Fiber

Ground Corn, Distillers Grain, Vitamins and minerals

Stoddard County Seed & Feed
Our feed comes in 50 lb. bags, 1500 lb. bulk bags and we also have a bulk truck to deliver to your farm. We can also custom mix a ration to your specifications. On special orders and delivery, at  least a two day notice would be greatly appreciated. Please call for prices as they are subject to change.
Distillers Grain

23% Protein

Rabbit Food

15% Protein

*50lb. Bags only*

Whole Oats

Polypipe Irrigation Tubing

We carry DuraPipe polypipe. Call for availability and prices.

In addition to the pipe itself we also have a new product called the Patch. It was invented by a local farmer. It is used to patch holes in polypipe. Sizes available include 12x24, 12x36, 15x24, 15x36 and longer pieces can be ordered.

Fish Food

32% Protein

*50lb. Bags only*