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We make a wide range of commodity based feeds, using locally grown corn. Custom blending and bulk delivery available.  

A good crop starts with quality seed. We sell many conventional varieties of locally grown soybeans and wheat. We are also a dealer for Merschman Seed.

For farmers saving their own conventional seeds, we offer soybean and wheat cleaning, treatment and storage.

Organic Seed Cleaning

We are a Certified Organic processor of corn, rice, soybeans and wheat.

Commodity Feeds

Using distillers grain, corn gluten and soyhull pellets in combination with corn chops and ground corn, we make several feeds for livestock and poultry. Feeding lower cost commodity feeds can save you money while still providing for the nutritional needs of your animals. All of our feeds are analyzed for their nutritional value by an independent laboratory.    

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Non-GMO Feed

We can help with your non-gmo feed needs. There is a local non-gmo soybean crusher who deals in non-gmo soybean meal, oil and hulls and we grow our own non-gmo corn. If you have any questions or are interested in non-gmo feed, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email.

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